Why Are More Indians Gambling Now More Than Ever Before?

Why Are More Indians Gambling Now More Than Ever Before?

Much has changed since India’s government criminalized gambling over 10 decades ago. Pakistan separated itself from India, and both countries have since gained independence. Bollywood is now a nationally recognized industry and the countries’ space organization sent a rocket to the moon. All the while, India’s government is still resistant to the idea of legalizing casino and sports gambling, nor does the government have plans to allow it in the foreseeable future. However, just like dozens of countries where casinos are not permitted, people still access gambling services online. This is why online gambling has been booming in India. Especially traditional games like satta king up are really growing in popularity.


Foreign Online Casinos

The Indian government has no say as to how a foreign business can operate. This means they can’t sue or punish companies for providing services to Indians. Regardless if they offer consumer products or gambling services, the government can’t do anything about it. In fact, Indians who join foreign casinos, only face one obstacle: how they withdraw and deposit money. This is because various banks in India do not allow people to withdraw or deposit cash to specific gambling sites. However, Indians have been finding ways to get around this obstacle by using e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. They have proven to be safe methods of which, do not alert authorities when you withdraw or deposit a payment to an online gambling platform.


Specific Bonuses To Indian Players

Another reason why gambling is booming in India, is because multiple platforms provide large bonuses, exclusively to Indian residents. In fact, they are welcomed by a vast amount of online platforms with various gits. Many casinos match Indian residents’ first deposit with a 100% bonus, which means that you get double what you deposited. Some casinos even provide Indians with free features such as 100 free spins, for referring new members. This has helped to furthermore increase awareness about online gambling solutions for Indians.


Indian Lotteries And Horse Racing

Two of the few gambling options that Indians can legally partake in are horse racing platforms and lotteries. Horse racing itself has been legal since 1996, while lotteries are 100% legal. However, the problem with horse racing tracks and lotteries is that since other forms of gambling are illegal, it means that millions of people partake in these two types of platforms only, which lowers everyone’s chances of winning. As such, many experts have theorized that India’s own restriction on gambling options, is fueling the online gambling boom in India.